Uniform Union

Our School Uniform Union

We are committed to supporting our school family in every possible way.

At the front of our school, we have a blue cabin which houses our Story Shack and our Uniform Union.

The Uniform Union contains a wide selection of pre-loved school uniform, school shoes and PE kit. Items are clean and in good condition.


The Uniform Union is well-stocked and well-organised thanks to the parent/carer volunteers who help us.

Uniform is ready to wear. It is organised according to size order so families can quickly and easily find the items they need.

The Uniform Union is open every school day from 8am to 4.30pm. Parents/carers can also access it during INSET Days. If the door is locked on INSET days, the key is available from the school office.

Families may select the items they would like. There is no charge.

If parents/carers wish to make a donation for the items they have taken, they may do so via the school office, but this is not compulsory.

We sustain our Uniform Union by collecting any used items of uniform or footwear from our families so that the Uniform Union remains well-stocked.

Providing this service also enables us to promote a positive message about sustainability, recycling and reusing items to our school family.

What do our parents/carers say about our Uniform Union?

“The Uniform Union is the best thing you have done. It helps parents out so much.”

Uniform Union – “Absolutely amazing idea. Saving a lot of money on uniforms and most importantly, recycling.”

“Items were organised neatly and labelled in size. We found the organisation and labelling extremely helpful when looking for a complete set of clothes. We have also used the Uniform Union to recycle old out-grown uniform items. We love the idea of re-using uniform which is in good  condition and reducing waste and costs.”

“The Uniform Union has been great for us, with a child who has sensory sensitivities. I have been able to try different types of uniform to see if she is happy with them before going out and buying anything.”

“I think the Uniform Union is an invaluable facility and what a brilliant way to tackle both environmental issues and the cost of living crisis. I use it for school clothing and feel really good about reusing these clothes. Just amazing.”

 “No uniform goes to waste. It’s a very helpful resource.”

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