Medical Guidelines

If your child, or anyone in your household, is displaying any symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss to sense of taste or smell) linked to Coronavirus, please do not send them into school. Please contact school as a matter of urgency to inform us of this so we may take the necessary steps to alert other children and staff in your child's group.

Where a child is displaying possible symptoms, we will make contact with parents/carers immediately to collect them.


Advice for common illness
Please find below links to guidelines and advice on how to combat common illness. Should your child be absent from school with sickness & diarrhoea, the school recommends that you keep your child off school for 48 hours to reduce the risk to other children. If your child has had one instance of vomiting and parents or carers are confident that it is due to another reason rather than a sickness bug, such as tiredness, over-exertion or eating something unusual, children may be well enough to attend or return to school, and the 48 hour rule may not apply. We would however, urge parents to take a cautious approach in deciding if your child has a sickness bug.

Children who have head lice are to return to school once they have been treated.

Please remember to ring into school daily on 01244 323890.


Please visit our Policies page for policies relating to medical conditions and guidelines.


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