Let Your Light Shine As A Historian

Vision Statement for History


Hoole Historians let their light shine brightly.


They are encouraged to engage with the History curriculum through a chronological approach beginning in Early Years and ending in Year 6. They can visit many different museums and important historical places in the city of Chester and see first-hand the impact different civilizations had on their surroundings.


Through our History curriculum, we aim to enable the children to become:

Enthusiastic, curious and independent thinkers through developing their curiosity about different civilizations and wonders while allowing them to develop their understanding of history based on what they have learned in previous years at Hoole.


Motivated, reflective and resilient learners through developing their ability to read and interpret different primary and secondary resources which can lead to different debates about the attitude of certain people and cultures through history.


Tolerant and responsible citizens through developing their understanding of the contribution different civilizations played, not just in the UK, but across the world. Children also have the opportunity to visit many different historical places and represent Hoole with a sensible attitude and eagerness to learn.

Respectful compassionate and kind friends through understanding human achievements and experiences throughout the world and understanding the contribution of many different faith groups throughout history.


Confident, thankful individuals through allowing them to broaden their real life experiences both inside and outside of school. This will be done through a variety of different measures which include; educational visits, visitors, experimentation, exploration and discovery.


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