Let Your Light Shine As A Musician

Vision Statement for Music


Hoole musicians let their light shine brightly.


All children are encouraged to engage with the Music curriculum through memorable experiences such as listening, composing and performing as part of small groups and across year groups/Key Stages. Our music lessons and opportunities aim to inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.


Across the school, the children participate in weekly singing collective worship as a school family as well as learning and practising these in individual classes. There are a wide variety of productions/performances for children throughout the year both in our school and in our school church.

In Key Stage 2 (usually Year 4), children have the opportunity to engage in learning a musical instrument which contributes positively to self-confidence, interaction with and awareness of others, and self-reflection.


No matter the ability or previous experiences with music, the children can use music as a way of expressing feelings and emotions; show casing their talent; and working together with others.


Through our Music curriculum, we aim to enable the children to become:

Enthusiastic, curious and independent thinkers through developing and feeding their curiosity about the music; the way in which we can alter the sound or layer instruments; gaining knowledge about historical periods and composers; and experiment with different instruments, objects or even their body to compose.


Motivated, reflective and resilient learners through developing their ability to learn an instrument which takes time, dedicated practice and patience. Growing in confidence and resilience comes when children are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone to perform and work together.


Tolerant and responsible citizens through developing their appreciation of how music has shaped our culture and lives. We create conversations to responding to a piece of music and discuss how it makes us and others feel.


Respectful, compassionate and kind friends through listening intently to each other when performing and encouraging each other when they may feel scared. The children will learn to give constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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