Let Your Light Shine As An Athlete

Vision Statement for PE


Hoole athletes let their light shine brightly in PE.


They are encouraged to engage with the PE curriculum through memorable experiences such¯as taking part in school games days, participation in different sporting competitions, learning new and exciting sports and accessing a range of extra-curricular clubs. Pupils at Hoole are given the tools and skills to live happy and healthy lives. They engage in activities that impact their own health and emotional well-being such as using exercise equipment at breaks and lunchtimes, learning about healthy eating and also taking part in the Mile challenge.


Through our PE curriculum, we aim to enable the children to become:

Enthusiastic, curious and independent thinkers through providing them with a variety of exciting sporting opportunities both in school and out of school.

Motivated, reflective and resilient learners through getting them to analyse their own performances, then supporting and coaching them to improve their skills, so that they can feel success in PE lessons and competitions.


Confident and Thankful Individuals who are able to use the skills they are taught to support them in healthy lifestyle choices, ensuring that they have both physical and mental well-being.


Tolerant and responsible citizens through developing their sportsmanship skills and helping them to coach and support each other, whilst always showing respect for differences and abilities.


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