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Year 3 Taekwondo, by Mrs Watling

Year 2 trip to Chester, by Mrs Elston

Made in Italy - Henry Class, by Mrs Nichols

We love to read!, by Mrs Nichols

How does your garden grow?, by Mrs Nichols

A cool treat, by Mrs Nichols

Made in Italy - James Class, by Mrs Nichols

What, by Mrs Nichols

Lego club, by Mrs Nichols

Orienteering, by Mrs Salisbury

Tri Golf, by Mrs Salisbury

Mayan Number system, by Mrs Salisbury

Wildflower wonders, by Mrs Watling

How to catch a wolf..., by Mrs Elston

Year 3 DT Soup making, by Mrs Watling

Science week in year two, by Mrs Elston

Year 5 Science Trip, by Mrs Millington

Forces, by Mrs Millington

A busy week in Year 5, by Mrs Millington

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