Let Your Light Shine As A Theologian

Vision Statement for RE


Hoole students of faiths let their lights shine brightly.


As a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Religious Education is taught in line with the Local Authority Agreed Syllabus (July 2019). This is supplemented by material supporting our Christian Ethos from the Diocese of Chester which enables us to provide a rich and varied curriculum covering key concepts and ensuring that quality resources are used such as Understanding Christianity The curriculum is coherent, sequential and balanced offering theology, philosophy and social science.

RE is taught in every year group as required by the statement of entitlement and is close to 10% and no less than 5% of curriculum time. We aim for 50 minutes per week in KS1 and 1 hour per week in KS2. Visits to places of worship are planned into the curriculum and occur whenever possible. The school has developed a large and varied collection of artefacts and resources to support the delivery of the curriculum.


Subject vision statement:


RE at Hoole aims to provide a sequential and broad understanding of Christianity as a diverse, global, living faith and explores the faiths of others with a deep respect for integrity of other religious traditions in community. In RE we enquire into belief, encounter faith, and engage with questions of meaning and wisdom, expressing what we think. We teach pupils to value and care for each other with hope as a school within the community. RE at Hoole is a subject which enables values, virtues, attitudes and aptitudes to be explored, with dignity and respect as individuals and as a community. RE at Hoole informs about faith, inspires for life, challenges reasoning and celebrates difference. RE at Hoole enables all pupils to develop an understanding of who they are, what they believe and what the meaning of life might be for them and others.


Religious Education at Hoole gives children the opportunity to shine their lights as enthusiastic and curious thinkers whilst exploring religious beliefs and values held locally and in the wider world. Children are able to shine as they increase in respect, tolerance and compassion towards other of different religious beliefs and practice. They are motivated to shine their lights with kindness and friendship as they put learning into practice, planning charitable outreaches in the local community. Children are taught to shine their light with confidence as responsible and tolerant citizens of Britain. They learn to be thankful for the country they live in with all its diversity faiths and the opportunities they have to be independent and confident of their own beliefs.


Children’s lights shine brightly as they develop personal resilience when exploring their own motivation and developing their own character through reflection. Children shine their lights as considerate and calm citizens in areas of disagreement, supported by philosophical enquiry and are able to build skills to resolve conflicts by being thoughtful and reflecting carefully before they act or speak.


Through our Religious Education curriculum, we aim to enable the children to become:


Enthusiastic, curious and independent thinkers through inspiring their curiosity into the beliefs and values held by members of society and developing their own views.


Motivated, reflective and resilient learners by developing their ability to ponder on puzzling and difficult questions involving questions of right and wrong and moral concerns. Growing in confidence and resilience by being encouraged to explore the ideas and beliefs of others and test their own responses.


Respectful, compassionate and kind friends through listening carefully to the views and ideas of others and responding with calmness whether they agree or disagree, using evidence to support their argument and make their case. They learn to encourage each other when given opportunities to share how they feel about concepts and values. They develop empathy with others as they seek to understand why people act in the way they do based on their beliefs.


Confident, thankful individuals through exploring the wonder of belief and the evidence of the natural world that is celebrated in many faiths. Through an exposure to the needs of others in the wider world children become more aware of how fortunate they are compared to many in our world and develop the grace of gratitude.


Tolerant and responsible citizens through developing their understanding of differences in culture and belief, while seeing similarity in human families across the world. We create opportunities to respond to ideas of faith and practice and discuss what impact these may have on the wider world.


From September 2024, we will be following the updated agreed syllabus for RE from CWAC. The routemap and essential knowledge is detailed below. 


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